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What’s Your Wish?

What’s Your Wish?
Thicket &Thistle
Access Theatre Space
February 26, 2016

Photo courtesy of Thicket & Thistle
Thicket and Thistle celebrated a short run of their production of What’s Your Wish? at the Access Theater space on February 26 and 27.  You might have seen this show at the NY Fringe Festival in August 2016.  It is funny, bright, refreshing, and endearing.  This performance truly achieves the company’s mission to “strive to surprise and delight, to enchant and enlighten… to challenge audiences to break down the 4th wall and meet the performers half way.” 

It is Nicholas’ sixteenth birthday.  He is very saddened that he did not get the car he wanted.  Instead he got an heirloom watch and an enchanted book.  Nicholas and his best friend, Brian, are sucked into the book when they reluctantly open it and begin reading.  The only way back to the real world is to go through the death forest and ask the Enchantress to grant their wish.  The show is a grown-up musical tale about friendship, truth, disappointment, and sacrifice. 

The cast of What's Your Wish?
Photo courtesy of Thicket & Thistle
The ensemble is amazing.  Kyle Acherson and Sam DeRoest have great chemistry and authenticity as best friends Nicholas and Brian.  Joshua Stenseth is charming and hysterical as Nicholas’ Step-Dad and Old Vern.  Corley Pillsbury doubles as Nicholas’ Mom and the Enchantress.  Both characters are playfully intense.  Lindsay Zaroogian shows her broad range as Nicholas’ younger, goth sister and the optimistic fairy.  Not only does each cast member play an instrument throughout the performance (guitar, flute, mandolin, accordion, and kazoo), but they are part of the creative team who collaboratively wrote and composed the show along with Director, Jonathan Eric Foster and Producer / Managing Director, Sarah George.  Mr. Foster’s directing and staging is sharp and witty. 

Unfortunately, this was a short, one-weekend run.  Check Thicket and Thistle’s webpage and Facebook page for upcoming performance dates of What’s Your Wish?  Keep your eyes on this company.  They are doing unique and great work! 

Domenick Danza

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